Thursday, January 19, 2012

A room with scary line-up (~.~)

I'm also want to introduce some Japanese players here, they are notable in the arcade center or international tournament, but online matches with different name.

From the image above:
wa75842 = Haitani
efllake = Uryo
RF2009X = RF
gameinn = Daigo Umehara
sakonoko = Sako
punpun5 = Kindevu
hashibirofood = Fuudo

Not in the image above:
VicelikeDoor83 = Kazunoko (aka Inoue)
bokusapp = Bonchan
shiro346 = Shiro
eita1988 = Eita
dnm3rd = Sasaki

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Tom Badguy said...

I would love to be in that room.

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