Wednesday, January 08, 2014

About Tokido

NameHajime Taniguchi (谷口一 Taniguchi Hajime)
NicknameTokido (ときど)
Online Tagtokido77
HometownTokyo, Japan

Tokido a.k.a. The MurderFace/Ice-Age, is one of the greatest professional players of the Japanese fighting game community, and he is graduated from the Japanese highest rank university, The University of Tokyo. His name "Tokido" is created from KOF's Iori Yagami combo: [To]nde (forward jump), [Ki]ck, [Do]ushita (flame) to become "To-Ki-Do", while the MurderFace and Ice-Age are came from his playing style, and people also call it Tokido-Shiki (Tokido style). However, his personality is totally different, he is a funny guy and has entertaining actions as always.

Early in his career, he work as part timer in Gamer's Vision, an arcade center owned by KSK, who's also the boss of Godsgarden (a high rank Japanese video games community). He's been called one of the Five-Gods in Japanese fighting game scene (格ゲー五神) with Daigo Umehara, Nuki, Sako, Haitani. Tokido became famous internationally after the SoCal Regionals 2010 (Southern California Regionals) tournament, although he got 3rd place in the tournament, but the main thing was one of his victories, he did a Raging Demon pose on the stage made him instantly well known in the mind of many tournament attendees. In the year of 2011, Tokido has participated the most international tournaments compared to any other else made him even popular that ever.

Tokido is also a multiple Fighting-game player, he mains Street Fighter series, and he also plays Marvel vs. Capcom (MvC3 onward), Tekken, MK9, BlazBlue series, and his practices managed to get good places in various major tournaments especially the CEO 2011, he won Super Street Fighter IV: AE, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II in the 1st place, and Tekken 6 in the 3rd place. In the past, Guilty Gear, Capcom vs SNK, Melty Blood, and Samurai Spirit are the games of his choice too.

Start from 2011, Tokido and another skillful player known as Mago (mago2dgod) host an online TV program called Topanga TV under TOPANGA Co,. Ltd, they practice and stream their gameplay live every Saturday night online as well as organize some special matches between top players such as Daigo Umehara vs. PoongKO and more. But in year 2012, Topanga TV has switched to every Wednesday night 9:00 PM JST (+9 GMT).

Early of 2011, Tokido got the sponsorship from The Traveling Circus, a company that lets players get commission by selling their clothings, and then Tokido released his Murderface signature T-shirt. Late in June 2011, Tokido is sponsored by Team Madcatz, joining high profile players Daigo Umehara and Mago to become one of the most popular gaming teams in the world.

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