Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Tokido's thoughts on SSFIV: AE v2012 top tiers

In the earlier interview by Kenzo, he thinks Akuma/Gouki is the top tier since the Yun and Yang have received mostly nerfs. One month after v2012 released, Tokido actually thoughts Seth and E.Honda are the top tiers in his opinion, most probably they both are bad match-up for Akuma since in v2012 Akuma received nerfs too.

Additional info:
- Kazunoko, the highest BP Yun player in SSFIV:AE is now maining Seth.
- Daigo Umehara has tried out Akuma, Cammy in v2012, but now he seems to back for Ryu. His thoughts on v2012 has included Seth in top tiers, but Seth has bad match-up in his opinion.

You can actually find the gameplay from Youtube that Tokido trying out Seth in v2012. He will still main Akuma and Seth would be his second choice.

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