Thursday, February 16, 2012

PoongKO won LG Cup; Tokido ready to depart for WCG 2012!

Korean SSFIV on Xbox 360 and LG Optimus LTE tournament featuring Daigo Umehara, Justin Wong, PoongKO, the LG CUP, has ended on Feb 12th. PoongKO has beaten Fuudo, Justin, and then Daigo in the final. Justin claimed the 3rd place by defeating Infiltration.

Winners Picture

1. PoongKO (7,000,000 won)
2. Daigo Umehara (2,000,000 won)
3. Justin Wong (1,000,000 won)

Reported by hydeBUFFY


There's another grand event in France this weekend (Feb 17-19), the World Game Cup 2012 held in Cannes. The live steam link of the event was recently announced, as well as the full event schedule here.

The timetable is for the CET (GMT/UTC+1) timezone, Japanese JST will be +8 hours from the timetable.

We will see Tokido play for SSFIVAE v2012, SF3.3, UMVC3, BBCSEX in the tournament, and his teammate Mago will play SSFIVAE v2012, and UMVC3.

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