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Topanga League Round 12 FINAL - Update, result, and summary

The Japanese ultimate tournament, TOPANGA LEAGUE! Live updates and report will be posting here. Round 12 FINAL - Feb 26, 9:00 PM JST (GMT +9)

Final Standings:
1. Sako (Ibuki)
2. Haitani (Makoto) - eliminated by Sako
3. Uryo (Sakura) - eliminated by Sako
4. Mago (Fei Long) - eliminated by Uryo
5. Kazunoko (Seth) - eliminated by Mago
6. Fuudo (Fei Long) - eliminated by Mago
7. Daigo (Ryu) - eliminated by Mago
8. Momochi (Cody) - eliminated by Mago
9. Tokido (Akuma) - eliminated by Momochi
10. Bonchan (Sagat) - eliminated by Tokido
11. Kindevu (Cammy) - eliminated by Tokido
12. RF (Sagat) - eliminated by Tokido


[SET 1]
Haitani (Makoto) 1 - 6 Sako (Ibuki)

[SET 2]
Haitani (Makoto) 5 - 5 Sako (Ibuki)

[DEUCE for SET 2]
Haitani (Makoto) 3 - 1 Sako (Ibuki)

[SET 3]
Haitani (Makoto) 3 - 6 Sako (Ibuki)

Read the match report below

[SET 1]
Haitani (Makoto) 1 - 6 Sako (Ibuki)

0 - 1
Solar Eclipse stage is selected. Haitani begin with very defensive moves, unlike what he done in the online matches. Sako break in steadily, 1st round Haitani only able to hit Sako once. Sako took straight round.

0 - 2
Haitani still with defensive style. When Sako successfully knock him down, he totally couldn't handle all Sako's pressure.

0 - 3
Sako still looking strong, he got perfect in 1st round. Haitani tried hard to fight back in the 2nd round, but still lost his 3rd round.

1 - 3
1st round Haitani locked Sako at the corner took lot of advantage, but after Sako escape, he fell in a tough fight. Sako almost did a big come back with his low HP while Haitani still has full HP bar. Haitani 2nd round did quite well and got the match.

1 - 4
Sako has great spacing control, but little slow on reaction. This match is tough for both, Sako hardly won the match.

1 - 5
Haitani tried to initiate more attacks, 1st round most of them had been countered by Sako's high speed assaults. 2nd round he fight back, with few perfect Karakusa move he got the round. However 3rd round have several mistakes, and Sako took it.

1 - 6
Sako keep going with his style, but Haitain has more confidence to fight back now. Both push each other to the final round. The match was closed, Haitani gamble with his Ultra when he left last HP but was blocked.

[SET 2]
Haitani (Makoto) 5 - 5 Sako (Ibuki)

0 - 1
Haitani has a strong start, but accidently put himself into corner. 2nd round Sako has great read, push Haitani all the way to the corner easily. Sako won straight round with no less than 70 seconds on the timer.

1 - 1
1st round Haitani did some great Karakusa trap. Sako fight back in 2nd round. 3rd round both rush down, eventually Haitani's tricky Karakusa has defeated Sako.

1 - 2
Both looking strong in this match. Sako has better reaction to escape from Haitani's pressure. However, Sako drop many combo put himself into trouble. Lastly Sako decided to go for high risk moves, and it worked to get rid for some worst situation and win.

1 - 3
Sako did well again while Haitani didn't perform his mix up well, keep giving Sako lot of chance. Sako took straight rounds.

2 - 3
Haitani beat Sako with lot of yomi game, most of his moves were just done at the right timing perfectly.

3 - 3
Haitani has become more aggressive and he still doing better than Sako in term of yomi. Sako got lot of sudden attack which he didn't expected.

4 - 3
Sako seem start getting confused by Haitani, he fell in trouble even Haitani didn't attack that much.

4 - 4
Sako slowing down his move just to avoid mistakes, due Haitani still giving him lot of hard moment. But in the end Haitani's wrong Karakusa move given Sako the match.

5 - 4
Haitani done very well and very perfect space control. He lost 2nd match due some miss block, and he still took the 3rd round without much trouble.

5 - 5
Sako has little different attack style, and it worked quite well. Sako done well again with his great mix up.

[DEUCE for SET 2]
Haitani (Makoto) 3 - 1 Sako (Ibuki)

1 - 0 (Haitani got Advantage)
Haitani lost the 1st round, and he got 2nd and 3rd rounds with lot of yomi moves overcome Sako.

1 - 1 (Deuce)
Both players are very aggressive. Haitani wasted quite a lot mirror and dropping combo, eventually given up the match. Haitani did wake up ultra twice quite often.

2 - 1 (Haitani got Advantage)
Sako played with more random assault, while Haitani waiting to break in from his flaw. Sako got caught by Karakusa -> ultra and lost his 2nd and 3rd rounds.

3 - 1
Once again both players push down each other hard. Haitani has more confidence to go for all the way he can, give high pressure to Sako, Haitani successful catch Sako with Karakusa at the key moment twice, which let him finish the round nicely.

[SET 3]
Haitani (Makoto) 2 - 6 Sako (Ibuki)

0 - 1
Haitani started with a surprise ambush, Sako caught his mistake very fast, and delivered some great mix up. Sako also don't many random upper cut to counter Haitani, and most of them worked at the right moment.

0 - 2
Not much trouble for Sako, although the tempo was slow, Sako hit Haitani quite simply.

0 - 3
Sako has lot of great read, Haitani just couldn't get much successfully hit, just 2nd round due Sako's mistake a lot only he able to get a round.

1 - 3
Sako has a good start, but in some situations he fell into corner let Haitani come back from losing.

1 - 4
Once again Sako has a great start, he got perfect in 1st round. He lost to Haitani crazy mix up in the 2nd round, but he managed to get the 3rd round.

1 - 5
Haitani has position himself at good place at start, Sako fight back hard and got the match.

2 - 5
Haitani managed to control the match most of the time, he has done well in this match with smooth combo and great pressure.

3 - 5

3 - 6
Sako took the 1st round quite fast due lot of wrong block by Haitani. He stick close combat didn't give much space for Haitani. He finished the match with Ultra 1 when Haitani is dizzy.


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