Sunday, April 08, 2012

Topanga Charity Cup 2 - Update, result, summary

Here's some statistic of Topanga Charity Cup 2


[三太郎と愉快かもしれない仲間達] beats Shunguko Neurosis' team [怒りのぺろビンマン]

Tokido's [TOPANGA] team loses to [こすり勢]

[ガチムチ萬国際?] beats Sako's team Night Safari

Nuki's team [ぽいぽい5] beats [ガチムチ萬国際?]

Choco's team [Eirin-san HappyBirthday!!] loses to Shiro's team [BET50]

[三太郎と愉快かもしれない仲間達] beats Nemo's team [Yang TOP 5]

Shiro's team [BET50] loses to Nuki's team [ぽいぽい5]

Semi Final:

[KAO TV] beats [ぽいぽい5]

[三太郎と愉快かもしれない仲間達] beats [こすり勢]


[三太郎と愉快かもしれない仲間達] beats [KAO TV]

Topanga Charity Cup 2 Winner:

- Santaro (Sagat)
- NISHIKIN (Blanka)
- Yonashi (Juri)
- Dashio (Seth)
- Reiketsu (Claw)

Tournament statistic:
Block A, B semi final
Final match

Other pics:
- Tokido (before event start)
- Sako's team - Night Safari
- Daigo signing for his fans
- Sako playing Road Runner
- Sako and Daigo playing other games
- Female-only team

Pictures provided by Akiki (Sako's wife)

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