Monday, June 11, 2012

South East Asia Major 2012 result - Xian defeated Daigo

Daigo Umehara attended his first overseas tournament this year, the South East Asia Major 2012 in Singapore on June 9-10. Since the final day didn't stream live at all, the final result still remain unknown for a moment.

Xian, who beaten Daigo once in winners' bracket semi-finals, also managed to beat him once again in the Grand Final with the First-to-7 format. Daigo also switched to Yun and Guile from Ryu, in an attempt to counter-pick Xian's Gen, eventually he switches back to Ryu, but still lost to Xian's Gen 5 - 7.

Top 3 standings:
1. DM|Xian
2. MCZ|Daigo Umehara
3. Gackt

This result was reported from No Game No Talk

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