Friday, August 17, 2012

Topanga League 2 - Round 1 - Update, result, and summary

Live updates and report of TOPANGA LEAGUE 2! Round 1 - Aug 17, 9:00 PM JST (GMT +9)

Standings after Round 1:

1. Mago (Fei Long) - 2W - 0L
2. Daigo Umehara (Ryu) - 2W - 0L
3. Kazunoko (Yun) - 2W - 1L
4. Fuudo (Fei Long) - 1W - 1L
5. Bonchan (Sagat) - 1W - 1L
6. Sako (Ibuki) - 1W - 1L
7. YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim) 1W - 1L
8. Kyabetsu (C. Viper) - 1W - 2L
9. Eita (Akuma) - 0W - 2L
10. Haitani (Makoto) - 0W - 2L
11. Momochi (Cody) - 0W - 0L
12. Uryo (Sakura) - 0W - 0L

BEST MOVE OF THE ROUND: Kazunoko (Yun) vs. YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim)
Kazunoko hit YHC-Mochi standing fierce with Ultra 1 from very far where the edge of the hurt box of Dhalsim's hand.


Sako (Ibuki) 3 - 2 Eita (Akuma)
Sako has the lead in most of the rounds, but he couldn't handle most of the vortex from Eita. Sako in the end successfully catch up from 1 - 2, he did very well in frame trap and option select, and Eita's reaction getting lousy at the late stage. Sako counters Wrath of Raging Demon with EX Raida in the final round.

Haitani (Makoto) 2 - 3 Kyabetsu (C. Viper)
Both players did a lot of come back. Whoever get locked in the corner basically would lost the match. Haitani lack of luck lost the last round of the last game. He was standing without doing anything after he knocked down Kyabetsu (lag?), and Kyabetsu finish the game with Super Combo after blocking Haitani's slow attack.

Mago (Fei Long) 3 - 1 Bonchan (Sagat)
Sagat really can't do much to Fei Long match up. Mago plays a lot of ground game with some surprising jump in and it works good. Bonchan fight so hard to defense against Fei Long, but still lost it in the end.

Kazunoko (Yun) 3 - 0 YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim)
Kazunoko keep spending mirror on EX moves, all in to stun Mochi. Last match 1st round Kazunoko hit Mochi standing fierce with Ultra 1 in a distance! Mochi won only one round in the first match.

Fuudo (Fei Long) 3 - 0 Haitani (Makoto)
Fuudo has a little problem on the mix up from Haitani. After Fuudo hardly won the first match, he done very well on spacing control and uppercut at the right timing, he took three matches straight.

Mago (Fei Long) 3 - 0 Kyabetsu (C. Viper)
Kyabetsu took the 1st round easily, Mago is able to catch up his style and successfully come back. Mago did many great frame trap, even with Rekkaken and random throw were done well. Kyabetsu switch from aggressive style to defensive, but still lost in the end.

Sako (Ibuki) 1 - 3 Kazunoko (Yun)
Kazunoko lost the 1st match, he then decided to fight in the hard way with both rush down play style. Sako miss several combo that made him pay with the match. Kazunoko did well on damage reset, he then won three straight match.

Eita (Akuma) 1 - 3 Bonchan (Sagat)
Eita did well to setup his vortex, however, Bonchan managed to block and escape from of his vortex pressure, so most Eita's effort has become wasted. Bonchan finished the round by reacting Eita's fireball with Ultra 2 twice in the 3rd match.

Daigo Umehara (Ryu) 3 - 1 Kyabetsu (C. Viper)
Kyabetsu begins with breaking in from many tactic, but Daigo defense is just too strong for him. Most of the game control by Kyabetsu, but most of the successful hit by Daigo.

Fuudo (Fei Long) 2 - 3 YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim)
YHC-Mochi did very great to keep Fuudo in a distance, and slowly drain off his HP. Losing 2 matches ahead, Fuudo getting more aggressive and risky uppercut, breaking down Mochi strategy and lock him in the corner most of the time, push to the last match last round, but Fuudo yomi is still a bit weaker than Mochi.

Daigo Umehara (Ryu) 3 - 1 Kazunoko (Yun)
Daigo knows Kazunoko style very well in the 1st match. The great show starts from 2nd match, both player rush down pushing each other to the limit. Daigo later shows many tricks to stop Yun like standing jab against Lunge Punch, jumping jab against drive kick, he managed to get his victory in the end.

Hosts - R and Shiro

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