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Topanga League 2 - Round 7 - Update, result, and summary

Live updates and report of TOPANGA LEAGUE 2! Round 7 - Sep 7, 9:00 PM JST (GMT +9)

2nd League Standings after Round 7:

5. Sako (Ibuki) - 1W - 0L - (+9)
6. Momochi (Cody) - 1W - 0L - (+6)
7. Uryo (Sakura) - 1W - 1L - (+4)
8. Haitani (Makoto) - 1W - 1L - (+0)
9. YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim) - 1W - 1L - (-7)
10. Kyabetsu (C. Viper) - 0W - 2L - (-12)

FINAL League Standings:
1. Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
2. Kazunoko (Yun)
3. Fuudo (Fei Long)
4. Bonchan (Sagat)


Uryo (Sakura) 10 - 4 Haitani (Makoto)
Kyabetsu (C. Viper) 4 - 10 Momochi (Cody)
Sako (Ibuki) 10 - 1 YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim)
Haitani (Makoto) 10 - 4 Kyabetsu (C. Viper)
YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim) 15 - 13 Uryo (Sakura)

More reports below:

Uryo (Sakura) 10 - 4 Haitani (Makoto)

0 - 1
Advantage from part 1 league ranking.

1 - 1
Uryo fight back with random little aggressive play style.

2 - 1
Haitani has many wrong block from Uryo mix up, lost many HP after being knockdown.

3 - 1
Uryo still control the game, lock Haitani at the corner for quite a long time.

3 - 2
This round Haitani has a great yomi, he read Uryo right in many ways, won straight round.

4 - 2
This match is quite close, both play rush down and yomi game, but Uryo luckily took it.

4 - 3
Double KO in the 1st round. 2nd Round Haitani managed to lock Uryo in the corner and beaten him.

5 - 3
Haitani change to Ultra 1, but unable to use it in this match, Uryo control the whole game.

6 - 3
Haitani slow down the tempo, while Uryo also switch to more defensive style, Haitani unable to break in Uryo defense.

7 - 3
Uryo drop some combo, but Haitani miss several chance to attack, eventually given to Uryo.

7 - 4
This match, Haitani did many smooth combo and mix up, lock Uryo in the corner, he simply take the match with a perfect in 2nd round.

8 - 4
Lot of yomi game, Haitani get hit by many random kick and punch from Uryo.

9 - 4
Haitani still getting hit by many random attack, he managed to fight back during the 2nd round, but Uryo frame trap into combo skill was very smooth in the 3rd round.

10 - 4
Uryo lost his direction in the 1st round, but didn't get much trouble to win 2nd and 3rd round. He did many big combo without mistake.


Kyabetsu (C. Viper) 4 - 10 Momochi (Cody)

0 - 1
Advantage from part 1 league ranking.

0 - 2
Kyabetsu begins many attacks, however Momochi managed to counter in many ways. 3rd round Momochi did a big come back begin with EX Zone Knuckles FACD into Ultra 1.

0 - 3
Momochi win with lot of frame traps, probably he want to save mirror, so he drag to the 3rd game and got it.

0 - 4
This match Kaybetsu play a bit defensive, but it's a worst change, this gives Momochi even more chance to control the game.

1 - 5
Finally Kyabetsu gain more control of the game, his moves are just right in range. He beat Momochi straight round.

2 - 5
Kaybetsu now play more aggressive. Although many risky moves, but it helps him win a point here.

3 - 5
Momochi done well in the 1st game, but 2nd and 3rd mostly control by Kyabetsu.

3 - 6
This match Momochi play quite aggressive and read Kyabetsu well, he won straight round easily.

3 - 7
Momochi still very strong in this match, he did many counter hit like neutral jump to stop Burning Kick and frame trap like walks up and EX Criminal Upper.

3 - 8
Although Kyabetsu gets a round, but he has lot of trouble on breaking in Momochi defensive. Most attack from Momochi were from Kyabetsu unsafe move or missed combo.

3 - 9
Kyabetsu done well in 1st round, but after that became lousy. Many Burning Kicks were missed, and even perform his Super Combo while Momochi has blocked the combo hit.

4 - 9
Momochi mostly in defense against Kyabetsu pressure, eventually failed to come back.

4 - 10
Kyabetsu won the 1st round and got a lead in 2nd round, but getting more and more mistake after that, giving all chances to Momochi.


Sako (Ibuki) 10 - 1 YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim)

Sako picks Beautiful Bay, Mochi's favorite stage.

1 - 0
Advantage from part 1 league ranking.

2 - 0
Sako did hit Mochi's fierce many times with light, and medium kick, and even focus attack.

2 - 1
This match Mochi managed to keep Sako away and got all his advantage in a distance.

2 - 1

3 - 1
Sako play very patience, he push down Mochi slowly and successfully deliver great mix up pressure to win the match.

4 - 1

5 - 1
This match Mochi play very defensive, he won the 1st round without much problem, but after that, Sako caught his tactic, without give Mochi much of space, Sako gained control of the game.

6 - 1
Same like previous match, Sako has many great move that hit Mochi just in the range.

7 - 1

8 - 1
1st round Mochi ultras Sako when Sako has been knockdown in the corner, but he did not expect Sako's wake up EX uppercut, lost the great chance to win the round.

9 - 1
Mochi has chance his playstyle, but only got a round. Sako did a full screen Raida on Mochi's standing fierce.

10 - 1
2nd round Mochi tried to catch Sako back dash with Super Combo but missed, Sako react with his Ultra 2. Last round Sako win by Ultra 2 as well, in the last second.


Haitani (Makoto) 10 - 4 Kyabetsu (C. Viper)

1 - 0
Advantage from part 1 league ranking.

1 - 1
Haitani didn't play careful in the end, he has a big lead but lost it.

1 - 2
Kyabetsu deliver high density attack, totally shut off Haitani attack.

2 - 2
Haitani successful break Kaybetsu tactic, this match he won easily after the 1st round.

3 - 2
Kyabetsu has slow down his tempo, but he miss many uppercut and got punished heavily.

3 - 3
Very aggressive for both player, but Haitani get locked in the corner so lost many chances.

3 - 4
Kyabetsu managed to keep Haitani in the corner again, he won 2 rounds straight.

4 - 4
Both player has lot of risky moves, Haitani got it closely in the last round.

5 - 4
Last round Kyabetsu has the lead, but fall in the corner and let Haitani did all the comeback.

6 - 4
Haitani fully control the game, he lock Kyabetsu in the corner almost all the time, and he also back dash dodge the wake up uppercut from Kyabetsu several times.

7 - 4
Kyabetsu fight back hardly and got a round, but the last round he has lot of wrong block and focus letting Haitani to break in.

8 - 4
Haitani managed to handle Kyabetsu style, he still controlling the game well.

9 - 4

10 - 4
Just not much changes, Haitani read Kyabetsu as previous matches, he end the game with dominating style.


YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim) 15 - 13 Uryo (Sakura)

1 - 0
Advantage from part 1 league ranking.

1 - 1

2 - 2
Uryo often use a charged Hadoken to lead his way, he has great yomi in a short distance game. Uryo won 4 rounds straight and he successfully hit Mochi with Ultra 1 once in every round.

2 - 2
Uryo has many wrong block, given Mochi a lot of free hit chances.

3 - 2
Mochi just playing as usual style, but Uryo did many random jump in and dash forward, which didn't work to win.

4 - 2

4 - 3
Mochi play a lot of jumping and teleport game, Uryo missed many Hadoken and drop combo too.

5 - 3

5 - 4

5 - 5
Last round Uryo did many wonderful combo, instead of using Hadoken, he use more air Hurricane Kick to break in.

6 - 5

7 - 5
Mochi has make a big adjustment, he has less back dash and jump back, but he did many sliding when Uryo jump in.

7 - 6
A tough round for both players. But in the last round, Uryo managed to push Mochi into the corner quickly and beaten him.

8 - 6
Big come back by Mochi in the last round with a last pixel of HP.

8 - 7
After Uryo lost the 1st round, he switch style with a lot of Hurricane Kicks game, and it works quite smooth to break Mochi defense.

8 - 8

9 - 8
2nd round Uryo risks his EX Hurricane Kick to jump over Mochi's ultra, but failed.

9 - 9

9 - 10
Uryo managed to push Mochi into the corner with Hadoken and Air Hurricane in the 1st round, but 2nd round Mochi totally break his tactic. Down to last round was very close. Uryo finished the match with walk up and frame trap with EX Hadoken.

10 - 10
Uryo seems lost his cool, many wrong block and unsafe move. 2nd round Mochi got a perfect victory.

10 - 11

11 - 11

11 - 12
1st round after Mochi hit Uryo with Ultra 1, he tried to cheap him out with EX Yoga Fire, but Uryo counter with EX Shoryuken, although it's blocked, he then FADC into a grab and beat Mochi in that round.

12 - 12
Mochi managed to stop many random jumps of Uryo, make Uryo no way to break in.

12 - 13

13 - 13
1st round Uryo cheap Mochi with Shoryuken, but Mochi stay alive with a last pixel of HP and beaten Uryo after he land from Shoryuken.

14 - 13

15 - 13
Last round Uryo react Mochi's ultra with Sakura Ultra 1, although it hits Mochi, but the invincible frame is not enough to pass through the Ultra 1 from Mochi, so Uryo KO by Mochi's Ultra.

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