Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Interview after Japan's SF 25th Anniv. Tournament; "Daigo has completely different Hadoken style" has posted their mini interview with the 1st and 2nd place of all titles in Japan's Street Fighter 25th Anniversary tournament (see the tournament result here).

The most outstanding player of the event of cause the winner of SSFIV:AE v2012, Daigo Umehara. Fuudo says Daigo's Hadoken style is completely different than he was in Topanga League 2, he (Fuudo) will have to make adjustment exclusive to face against Daigo next time.

Tokido, the winner of Street Fighter X Tekken thoughts this tournament overall has many good contents, amazing moves, and will be fun to watch. Althought Tokido won the title, but he thinks he still have a lot of space to improve, he will keep practice more until the Grand Final.

MOV, the 3rd place in Street Fighter X Tekken and also the winner on SFIII: 3rd Strike says he was nervous when fighting with Tokido who sent him into Losers Bracket in SFxT, and he definitely wanted to fight Tokido again in SFxT.

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