Saturday, November 10, 2012

Asahi Newspaper - Daigo Umehara article

Today (Nov 10) in the Asahi newspaper (朝日新聞) People corner has an article featuring Daigo on 2nd page. Below is the summary of the article.

- Headline: "The pro gamer that holds 3 Guinness world records in fighting games category." Original article
- He has sponsorship deal with foreign game peripherals maker.
- His income is from tournament prize money and being presenter.
- He won world's biggest fighting games tournament many times, and holds 3 Guinness world records. People even call him God.
- He goes to game center since 10 am. everyday.
- He won national tournament at the age of 15.
- He became world champion at the age of 17.
- He used to quit gaming at the age of 23 and took nurse job.
- He released autobiography "Willpower to Keep Winning" this Spring.

Translated by Beastnote

Daigo Umehara is featured by the following news article in year 2012, probably the most appearance Pro Gamer in the newspaper.

- Nov 10, Asahi Newspaper
- Sep 23, Tokyo Newspaper
- Jul 22, Sankei Newspaper
- Jun 03, Nikkei Shinbun

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