Saturday, December 08, 2012

STARTING OVER -strong grapple- 5on5 event (Updated)

[STARTING OVER -strong grapple-] Super Street Fighter IV: AE 5 on 5 tournament will be held in Club Sega, Shinjuku West Entrance on 8th Dec 2012, the same day with SF 25th Anniversary Grand Final.

Dec 08 updates:
There's 75 teams participated, but 1 team canceled the entry. Stream link corrected!

Dec 07 updates:
There's up to 68 teams, 340 players now!

Dec 06 updates:
There's up to 61 teams participated now!

Dec 01 updates:
Kazunoko (Yun) enters the tournament by joining Wanchan Army's team with Nemo (Yang), Dogura (Dictator), Nyanshi (Sagat), and Wanchan taro (Makoto). More notable players confirmed for this tournament are Uryo (Sakura), Kindevu (Cammy), Dashio (Seth), ACQUA (Cammy), Michael Tan (Ken), Akimo (E-Honda), female Cody Karipaku (Cody), and more.

You can find the full entry here.


So far some notable players that are confirmed attending this event are: Bonchan, Shiro, Shungoku Neurosis, Hanamaruki, NISHIKIN, Nekojita, Juso, a.k.a. jojo, and more. Bonchan will play Akuma in this event, and there will also have a female player team in the tournament.

Stream link 1 | stream link 2, and the tournament will start at 1:00 PM JST (GMT +9).

See the tournament result here

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