Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Street Fighter X Mega Man - Eight main boss video

To celebrate both Street Fighter and Mega Man series, a fan-made game with official license is now released for free. The release date (Dec 17) is also the birthday of Mega Man (a.k.a. Rockman). It's revealed yesterday that Itabashi Zangief and Kazunoko are discussing this game.

Mega Man vs. Ryu

If you're interested to see how's the Street Fighter character's moves in the Mega Man system, there's a link with all main stage bosses video fight here. Also check out his tips here.

There are more Street Fighter bosses in the final stage and a secret boss (that actually not that secret). If you don't want to see the spoilers, then don't read the paragraph below.


In the final stage, you will fight Balrog/Boxer in the rush mode, Vega/Claw, and M.Bison/Dictator.

If you defeated 3 or more bosses with "Perfect" status (Full HP/E-tank does help), the secret boss - Akuma will challenge you during M.Bison fight.

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