Monday, January 28, 2013

Da Ultimate Crushing 2K13 - Update, result, and summary

Da Ultimate Crushing 2K13 (DUC2k13) tournament result and summary.

Updated on Jan 28
Correction on UMvC3, DoA5. Thanks for the corrections (Emersion, Krowc Tjes)

They've made some changes from the original time table.
SSFIV:AE v2012 MCZ.Tokido's first game vs. LLL.MBR made a lot of confusion due to their name placed at the wrong side on the stream.


Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012

1. MCZ.Tokido (Akuma)
2. WW.Ryan Hart (Sagat/Yun)
3. LLL.Momi (Fei Long)
4. Halibel (Akuma)

Grand Final: Tokido vs. Ryan Hart Watch here

Winners Final: Momi vs. Tokido Watch here


Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012 - Team

1. Godsgarden
MCZ.Tokido (Akuma), GG.Kenzo (Ken), GG.Halibel (Akuma)

2. Les Enfants Terribles
TR.Sheva (Cody), TR.Mac (Boxer), TR.YouGenius (Claw)

3. Low Land Lions
LLL.MBR (Akuma), LLL.Momi (Fei Long), LLL.Doomdomain (Ryu)


Guilty Gear XX AC Plus

1. Chun_li1 (Dizzy)
2. Demulant (SOL Badguy)


King of Fighters XIII

1. MCZ.Tokido (Mr. Karate, Hwa, Iori)
2. WW.Ryan Hart (Diamond, Clark, Ex Iori)
3. Dracula (Mr. Karate/Terry, Ryo, Iori)
4. MacVillian (Robert, Clark, Mai)

Grand Final: Tokido vs. Ryan Hart Watch here


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1. MCZ.Tokido (Magneto, Doctor Doom, Phoenix/Vergil)
2. LLL.doomdomainn (Wolverine, Doom, Vergil)


Dead or Alive 5

1. Gehaktbal (Jann Lee)
2. MCZ.Tokido (Jann Lee)
3. Phil Jay Falcon (Alpha)


Tekken Tag Tournament 2

1. MCZ.Tokido (Eddy, Lars)
2. WW.Ryan Hart (Kazuya, Leo)
3. KYSG.YOU (Nina, Lili)
4. Mazuya (Hwoarang, Jack-6)


Alessandro Lo-Presti said...

Total domination from Tokido. Nice.

Emersion said...

Tokido got second in Doa5, Gehaktbal got first.
Gehaktbal won the grandfinal without losing a round to tokido.
Also second in mvc3 was lll.doomdomainn with wolverine, doom, vergil.

ToySreater said...

I think Tokido would know if he won DOA5 or not. /Kappa

Emersion said...

Tokido would, yes.
But Tokido doesnt write this himself, it's a fansite.

Krowc Tjes said...

Tokido did not won Dead or Alive 5. Gehaktbal won.
These are the top 3 of Dead or Alive 5"

1. (NL)Gehaktbal (Jann Lee)
2. (JP)Tokido (Jann Lee)
3. (DE)Phil Jay Falcon (Alpha)

you can see the grand final here at "2:13:00":

Gehaktbal = Jann Lee (Red fire pants)
Tokido = Jann Lee (Grey pants with orange thing over it)

ToySreater said...

That's the Joke.gif

For some reason a lot of people think Tokido himself does this blog (even Gamerbee) but TokidoBlog never corrects them. lol

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