Saturday, January 19, 2013

PoongKO is back for AE! 2013

PoongKO has very low activity in the previous months, we have not seen him for a while in the tournaments or other events due to some reason(?). The most recent tournament he attended was SF25th Grand Final but he only compete for one game (Street Fighter X Tekken).

After all, PoongKO returns to the FGC by making a first appearance of 2013 in Cafeid channel. Most of the time on stream, he plays SSFIV:AE v2012, and other than using his main character - Seth, he also picked Yun, El-Fuerte, Ryu, and other characters.

There's over 4 hours of PoongKO's SSFIV:AE v2012 gameplay, check below for replay.

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j0w said...

thanks tokido!

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