Friday, January 18, 2013

Yubiken - Jan 17, 2013 featuring Shiro

Yubiken fighting game channel, hosted by female Cody player Karipaku has invited Shiro from Shibuya Haishin for the yesterday episode to play a set of concept matches with another Yubiken member Uki. Their game set to be FT3 game, and who wins 3 games first would be the winner.

Uki 浮き (Cody) vs. Shiro 志郎 (Makoto)

Spoiler! Result below:

Uki wins 3 - 2

Uki (Cody) 1 - 3 Shiro (Makoto)

Uki (Cody) 3 - 1 Shiro (Makoto)

Uki (Cody) 3 - 1 Shiro (Makoto)

Uki (Cody) 2 - 3 Shiro (Makoto)

Uki (Cody) 3 - 2 Shiro (Makoto)

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