Saturday, February 16, 2013

Daigo Umehara Battle Tour 2013 - Sendai live! (ended)

Umehara X Taito Station Special Charity Event BATTLE TOUR 2013! 2nd Stop at Sendai is now live - started at 1:00 PM JST (GMT +9).

This round was fun.
- Daigo defeated a El Fuerte player with last HP in the last round.
- An E. Honda player made a comeback with 3 Oicho Throw (command grab), Daigo then made another huge comeback with last HP in the following round.
- The last match before break time, Bonchan played Akuma against Daigo. Daigo used Metsu Hadoken to defeat him in the 3rd round when Bonchan left last HP after being stunned and focus attack.
- A Cody female player match was very close.

Result below:

Daigo Umehara 47 wins 3 loses (Sagat, Cammy, Sakura) *one player seems not attending

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