Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Fighting game community panel @ PAX East 2013

The FGC panel at PAX East 2013 event with Gootecks, Alex Valle (LU president), Alex Jebailey (CEO organizer), James Chen, Mad Catz's MarkMan, and Spooky. They discuss about now and future FGC scene and answering questions from the audience.

After this, I also want to highlight an additional point posted by Dean Slade from Youtube here:

"At 4:00 Gootecks saying there was a "dead area" in the fighting game genre is just wrong. It's only because he's a Street Fighter player, so he wasn't playing Soul Calibur, Tekken, KOF, Guilty Gear, or any of the other great games that were holding up the genre when Street Fighter was MIA. This is why Street Fighter "exclusive" players sometimes come off as big-headed, because they overlook other games. My local arcades had HUGE Tekken and Soul Calibur scenes..... but that never happened right?"

Also check out the result of Team Mad Catz matches in the Mad Catz Unveiled event of PAX East 2013 here.

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