Monday, April 29, 2013

Mix Up Night #11 - Update, result, and summary

Mix Up Night #11 late night event at 11:00 PM on Apr 28, 2013, featuring Kazunoko, KSK, Naruo, Frieda, and more. Event was held Maid Café CCOcha, Osaka (Map here).

Tournament titles:
- Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012 3on3
- Soul Calibur V
- King of Fighters XIII

Other games in casual play:
- Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
- Persona 4 Arena
- More

There's 7 hours replay can be found at MUN channel here.

Tournament brackets (with result):
SSFIV:AE v2012 3on3 | Soul Calibur V | KOF XIII

Result below:

Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012 (3 on 3)

1. KSK (Abel), Dogura (Dictator), Kindo (Fei Long)
2. Naruo (Evil Ryu), Frieda (Ibuki), Rokin (Adon)
3. Kazunoko (Yun), Naoki (Yang), Koni (Fei Long)
3. Kunsut (Sagat), Don (Yang), Inishie (Sagat)


Soul Calibur V (2 on 2)

1. 283, Masu
2. Kain, kei-chan
3. Mr. Kotani, Naruo
3. Kamichan, Naritaka


King of Fighters XIII

1. Wu
2. Sange Tencho
3. Akira
4. Taki Kazuya

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