Thursday, May 09, 2013

Daigo Umehara Battle Tour 2013 bonus videos become free to watch!

Umehara X Taito Station Special Charity Event - BATTLE TOUR 2013 Special Charity Event begins from January until May 2013, Daigo will visit one Taito game center each month for charity to help the arcade scene. There's also some 100 yen (~$1.00) pay-per-view bonus videos of Daigo at Taito's Ustream Channel each month, every ticket sold from the videos will be donated to the charity event as well.

The three bonus videos from January - March are now available for free. April's video is charging for 100 yen at this moment. If you like the free bonus videos below, please purchase the ticket here to support the charity event. May's video probably will release before the 5th Stop event on May 18, 2013. Pay attention to Taito's Ustream Channel for update.

Daigo Bonus Video - Part 1 (Jan 2013)

Daigo Bonus Video - Part 2 (Feb 2013)

Daigo Bonus Video - Part 3 (Mar 2013)

Battle Tour 2013 Special Charity Event location info.

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