Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Highlights and extra info for Topanga Asia League

Topanga Asia League had been concluded successfully on May 6, 2013. It was a tournament featuring various top players in Asia and top rank players in the previous Topanga Leagues. Here is some highlight and side info that for many who missed the event would interested to know.

- Players in the tournament - Daigo Umehara, Sako, Fuudo, Bonchan, Xiao Hai, Xian, PoongKO, Gamerbee.

- Why the Japanese's final spot qualifier was given to Bonchan and Uryo but not Kazunoko, Tokido, or others?
Because organizer selects top 2 players in Topanga League 1 (Sako & Haitani) and Topanga League 2 (Fuudo & Daigo), but Haitani did not want to participate, so it would be the 3rd place of Topanga League 1 & 2 compete for the final spot, which means Uryo (3rd place of Topanga League 1) vs. Sako (3rd place of Topanga League 2). Since Sako is already selected so it leaves to the 4th place of Topanga League 2 - Bonchan.

- Infiltration was invited to compete the tournament, but he has declined it. (mentioned by Xian's Twitter)

- Xiao Hai shows his c.HP into Ultra 1 link several times, not even top Cammy players can do this so consistently in the tournament. He also did the way to escape corner with EX Quick Spin Knuckles.

- Gamerbee and PoongKO submitted Cammy as their secondary character, but they did not pick Cammy in the tournament.

- Sako's Evil Ryu made lot of troubles for many other players, maybe Evil Ryu is still a rare character at this moment. One stunning move was the match against Fuudo's Fei Long, he dodged Fuudo's uppercut in the corner with back teleport (means NOT teleport out of the corner).

- Although Xian won 2 out of 7 games, but over half of his games were close enough to make him reach to the top places except the match with Fuudo, the player who beaten by him in Canada Cup 2012. Fuudo has came out with a counter Gen strategy.

- Stream audiences hope Sako picks Evil Ryu against Daigo in the final game since Sako has already won the tournament, but he picked Ibuki.

- The players who played the most matches are Daigo Umehara and Xian, they both played 97 matches in the whole tournament.

- Commentators are R, Shiro, Kazunoko, and Mago.

Official Topanga Asia League website

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