Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mix Up NIght #13 - Result, update, summary

Mix Up Night #13 on Jun 22, 2013. Some top Japanese players are here such as HORI.Sako, Haitani, Uryo, Dogura, KojiKOG, Amiyu, and more. Tournaments available in the event are Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, King of Fighters XIII.

Check out the tournament bracket here:

Official stream link was set to Twitch TV, but it's been changed to UStream TV

Result below:

Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012

1. HORI.Sako (Evil Ryu, Gen, Cammy)
2. Uryo (C.Viper, Sakura, Rose)
3. Amiyu (Gen)
4. Noriyasu (Dhalsim)
5. Harideshi (M.Bison)
5. Haitani (Rufus)
7. KoujiKOG (T.Hawk)
7. Rokkun (Seth)


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1. Kiamei
2. Chan C
3. PacP
4. Bonchu
5. Wu
5. Gachi
7. Ryosefu
7. Hatia


King of Fighters XIII

1. Sange Tenchou (Mr. Karate, Leona,Kim)
2. Uu (Ryo/Takuma, Kim, Mai / Terry, Athena, Maxima)
3. Tomoyuki (Mr. Karate, Kim, Elisabeth)
4. Dragon
5. Aya
5. Sabohani
7. Plum
7. Gussan

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