Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SEAM 2013 - Gamerbee's opinions and his tactic in the final

AVM.Gamerbee, the Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012 champion and the 3rd place for Street Fighter X Tekken v2013 in South East Asian Major 2013.

In the SSFIV:AE v2012 grand final match, Gamerbee comeback from score 0 - 3 and ended with 7 - 4 victory. After the tournament, Gamerbee sit down with Zhi and talk about the the match against Xian (in Mandrin). Here is how Gamerbee plan and switch his strategy:

At the beginning, Gamerbee tried to initiate attacks but was easily get knockdown since Xian can react his moves quickly. Once knockdown, Xian's mix up started with the cross up is hard to block and will lead Gamerbee lose the round. Later on, Gamerbee changes his strategy to footies game because his standing roundhouse (H-kick) has advantage in this match up. He says close combat always lost to Xian at the beginning, so he has to always stay away from him. With the proper anti air counter attacks and footies game tactic, this brings him lot more chances to launch his attack.

Gamerbee satisfy with his anti air/uppercut late of the game, he says he has done almost 100% correctly except some wake up uppercuts that had launched to the wrong way because of cross up situations. But the final uppercut he did was perfect because Xian jumped over that he actually needed, so Gamerbee launch the uppercut will correctly lead to the other side where Xian will land while Xian only remain the last HP, so it will KO even it's a safe jump.

Gamerbee also mentioned that he feels very tired this tournament because starting from top 16 on day 3 will have to play 3/5 games instead of 2/3, and starting from winners final will have to play FT5, and grand final FT7.

Watch the entire replay of the final day at ToughCookie TV. View the tournament result here

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