Saturday, June 08, 2013

Tengukai 8 SSFIV:AE v2012 3on3 - result, summary

Result for Tengukai 8 (天狗会) 3 on 3 team tournament that was held at Urban SQUARE, Nagoya on Jun 8, 2013. Several well known players like Mago, Momochi, Haitani, Kindevu, Dogura, had joined the Team Tengu's (a.k.a. jojo, Juso) event. Haitani named his Rufus as "Africa Man".

You can find full replay archives from Team Tengu's Twitch TV channel 1 and channel 2. The team match up statistics were captured at here (p1) and here (p2).

Check the result below:

1. Momochi (Ken), KOK (Sagat), Sushitaro (Adon)

2. dath (C. Viper), Tetsuko (Rufus), Katakana Deaoki (E. Honda)

3. kai (Sakura), Jeppa (Rufus), coop (Blanka)

3. Juso (Sakura), RailGun (C. Viper), Kinranka (Blanka)


Team Mago, Haitani, Dogura lost in the first round, OVC'd by TATEYAMA (Dhalsim player).

Juso OCV'd team Kindevu (Full Cammy team).

Momochi revert OCV team kai, Silver, coop in semi final.

Grand Final statistics:

Sushidaro (Adon) loses to Tetsuko (Rufus)
KOK (Sagat) beats Tetsuku (Rufus)
KOK (Sagat) beats dath (C. Viper)
KOK (Sagat) beats Katakana Deaoki (E. Honda)

Watch Grand Final here.

Watch Semi Final here (Momochi's team).


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Both channel 1 and 2 link to the same channel

Author said...

Channel link updated, thanks for correction :)

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