Saturday, July 06, 2013

Topanga Charity Cup 3 (July 8 updates)

The 3rd Topanga Charity Cup was announced last week, and official site is now opened! The charity event will be held at Plaza Capcom Iruma (Detail map) on July 6, 2013 - 12:00 PM JST (GMT +9), one week before the biggest fighting game tournament - Evolution 2013.

The tournament title is Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012, players will compete in 5 on 5 team battle. Web entry form is now opened at this link.

Update: Jul 8, 2013
Tournament finished, check the result here. Thank everyone for support!

Update: Jul 6, 2013
Team Nuki revealed! Nuki, Kindevu, KOK (Evil Ryu), MOV, Togawa.

Update: Jul 5, 2013
More notable players: Michael Tan, Kyabetsu, ACQUA, R/Aru (Topanga League commentator), Nekojita, Shiro, Shungoku Neurosis, and more. *In the 1st Topanga Charity Cup (2011), Shiro and Neurosis team managed to reach final force out Daigo's Yun, who didn't show out to play in the entire tournament due to the excellent performance from his teammates, but this round they are in the different team.

Update: Jul 1, 2013
Stream links revealed (Nico nico) Main stream | Sub stream.

Update: Jun 27, 2013
Team Evil Genius! Justin Wong, Ricky Ortis, PR Balrog, Momochi, Choco Blanka. Other notable players like Karipaku, Juso, Banbaban, Y, are also confirmed.

Update: Jun 20, 2013
Topanga Team was announced in Topanga TV - Jun 19, 2013!
Tokido (Akuma), Mago (Fei Long), Nyanshi (Sagat), Jyobin (Ryu), Daigo Umehara (Ryu)

Update: Jun 13, 2013
First team revealed was Topanga Team, is has been changed to Kachitagari. Topanga Team members will be revised again.

Topanga Team members were:
Tokido (Akuma), Mago (Fei Long), Daigo Umehara (Ryu) Fuudo (Fei Long), Bonchan (Sagat)

Kachitagari Team members:
Fuudo (Fei Long), Kazunoko (Yun), Bonchan (Sagat), Nemo (Yang), Eita (Akuma)


We expect many top players will attend this event. Any new update will be post on this page.

Topanga Charity Cup 3 official site
Topanga Charity Cup 2 report

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