Thursday, July 25, 2013

UMvC3 - Nemo vs. FChamp and ChrisG replay & other money match results @ EVO 2013

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 money matches at Evolution 2013, several players take the chance to play with one of the top Japanese players - Nemo, who also won the Topanga Z League (UMvC3 competition) early of 2013.

Nemo plays Filipino Champ and ChrisG in the First-to-20 game, and other players like Flocker, Combofiend, RayRay (not in these videos) in a short First-to-3 game. Check out the FT-20 off screen replay between Nemo vs. FChamp and ChrisG matches below.

Nemo vs. ChrisG match, and all his money match result below:

Result (SPOILER):

Nemo 20 - 11 FChamp
Nemo 20 - 10 ChrisG
Nemo 8 - 0 Moons
Nemo 3 - 2 Flocker
Nemo 3 - 1 RayRay
Nemo 3 - 1 Ranmasama
Nemo 3 - 1 ComboFiend

Source via Furious Blog

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