Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Yubiken Championship S3 - Final result & replay

Result for Yubiken Championship S2 as well as the full replay is now on Youtube.

Three finalists qualified from the qualifiying round (May 23, 2013) - KichijyojiKEN (Ken), Keanu Reeves (Oni), Hameo (E.Honda) competed in the championship final held on Jun 20, 2013.

The real game start @ 25:30, before that all competitors play with Karipaku for warm up. After the tournament part, NIKISHIN (Blanka) plays Nen (Rufus) for exhibition match.

Watch the replay below:

Result below (SPOILER):

Keanu Reeves (Oni) 1 - 3 KichijyojiKEN (Ken)
Keanu Reeves (Oni) 2 - 3 Hameo (E.Honda)
KichijyojiKEN (Ken) 3 - 1 Hameo (E.Honda)

Qualified for championship battle:
- KichijyojiKEN (Ken)

Super Santaroman (Sagat) 3 - 2 KichijyojiKEN (Ken)

Super Santaroman (Sagat)

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