Sunday, August 04, 2013

SEGA Cup Europe 2013: Virtua Fighter Tournament result

SEGA Cup Europe 2013 Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown tournament located at the Dugdale Centre N. London UK, on Aug 3, 2013.

Game Rules:
Best of 3 rounds • 45 Secs • Loser can reselect stage only • Character Lock for Winner • No Dural • Button Binding Permitted • No Macros • No Turbo • No Programmable Pads

Group Stage:
Matches will be best of 3

Double Elim Stage:
Matches will be best of 5 • Grand Finals will be best of 7

Itabashi Zangief (a.k.a. Itazan) of Team Razer will come to the competition, can other players handle the Japanese legendary Virtua Fighter player?

Top 8 replay at UnequalledMedia channel, check the tournament statistic at UnequalledMedia's challonge.

Result below:

1. RZR.Itabashi Zangief (Shun)
2. Ash (Lion)
3. Chofu K.K (T-Arashi)
4. Kingo (Aoi)
5. Ujinozanani (Akira)
5. Chief Gutti (Sarah)
7. Chibitox (Lion)
7. Maki le Sushi (Vanessa)

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