Sunday, August 18, 2013

STARTING OVER -Power of the Sun- Update, result, and summary

The beginning of Ultra Summer Festa 2013 in ClubSEGA Shijuku West, STARTING OVER -Power of the Sun- is held on Aug 18, 2013. The 64 players Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012 tournament was streamed live and recorded, you can watch the replay at Kagecchi channel.

Some notable players attended to this event are Shungoku Neurosis, ACQUA, Super Santaroman, NISHIKIN, Y, KichijyojiKEN, Reiketsu, Togawa, and more. You can find the full players list and tournament statistic at this link.

Result below:

1. ACQUA (Cammy)
2. Super Santaroman (Sagat)
3. Nashikun (Juri)
4. NISHIKIN (Blanka)
5. Shungoku Neurosis (Dictator)
5. Reiketsu (Claw)
7. Shimosan (Yang)
7. Zangitan (Zangief)

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