Monday, August 12, 2013

Top 10 greatest players in esports history - Daigo Umehara

One of eSports' first global stars, also the first Japanese Pro Gamer since 2009 has been named the one of the Top 10 Greatest Players in esports History. Daigo Umehara's 1998 trip to America to defeat Alex Valle in Street Fighter Alpha 3 marked the beginning of a storied international rivalry that would define the most important fighting game franchise ever.

"Daigo has competed at the highest levels in over a dozen games, from Vampire Hunter to Street Fighter 4. He moved from merely the greatest Street Fighter player in the world and catalyst for global eSports competitions to a genuine international celebrity when a he won 2004 match against Justin Wong in thrilling style. "

Most famous match of Daigo in 2004

This match also became the top 10 best moments in Pro-gaming history at Kotaku. The game was Street Fighter III: Third Strike at the biggest fighting game tournament - Evolution 2004 - Pomona, California.

See the rest of the top 10 greatest players The Daily Dot, source via Beastnote.

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