Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some highlights for Capcom Cup Qualifier @ TGS 2013

Japan's SSFIV:AE v2012 qualifier, probably the strongest tournament of Capcom Cup 2013 qualifiers, many top players in Japan and overseas attended to this competition. Here's some info and highlights for the event.

- Tournament played in best-of-3 (win 2 matches to advance), single elimination format. Start from semi final (top 4) will play first-to-5 game.

- Total 64 players in the tournament.

- Full replay can be found at Mad Catz channel (Japanese) and Capcom Fighters channel (English).

- Many famous players were out in Round 2 and Round 3 like Daigo, Tokido, Infiltratino, Latif, Justin Wong, Eita, Momochi, Mike Ross.

- Juso, the Sakura player from Team Tengu defeated Infiltration and Xian (two EVO Champions). He took the 3rd place of the tournament.

- For audiences did not know much about Haitani, the winner of this tournament, he is the 5th of the "Five-Gods" in Japan since SFIII: 3rd Strike. His first FTG was SFII Hyper, and Vampire Savior was the first FTG he starts playing serious.

- Kazunoko did not enter this tournament.

- Full tournament result here.

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