Sunday, October 20, 2013

Capcom Cup Qualifier @ Asia (Korea) - Result, and summary

SSFIV:AE v2012 result for Capcom Cup Asia Qualifier - Korea, orgazined by CafeId and Razer, located at CafeId House on Oct 19, 2013. The ist and 2nd place players will enter the 6-players Asia Qualifier finals on Nov 8 - 10 for the last two seeds of Capcom Cup 2013 Grand Finals on Dec 14.

We see Infiltration plays his secret character Oni, and Momochi plays several character that he main in the past like Akuma, Yun, and even Juri. Watch the full replay at CafeId or CapcomFighters channels. See the tournament bracket here.

Result below:

1. Infiltration (Ryu, Oni, Akuma)
2. EG.Momochi (Ken, Cody, Akuma, Yun, Juri)
3. Hoodaman (E. Honda)
4. M.Lizard (C. Viper)
5. DBKoopa (Yun)
5. BIGDANMUL (Makoto)
7. Kim Legend (Blanka, Sakura)
7. hydeBUFFY (Adon)


Infiltration (Akuma) [5 - 2] EG.Momochi (Yun, Juri)

Hoodaman (E. Honda) [4 - 5] EG.Momochi (Cody, Ken)

Infiltration (Akuma, Ryu) [5 - 4] EG|Momochi (Akuma, Yun)

Infiltration (Oni) [3 - 1] M.Lizard (C. Viper)

EG.Momochi (Ken) [3 - 0] DBKoopa (Yun)

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