Friday, October 25, 2013

Ultra Street Fighter IV new battle mechanics - Double Ultra, Red Focus, and more!

Latest USFIV trailer reveals new battle mechanics and also location test.

Here's some official details explained by Combofiend:

"Before the match starts you’re able to choose between your Ultra I and Ultra II combos. In Ultra we’ve added a third option, “Ultra Combo Double.” As the name suggests, once you’ve built up your revenge gauge you’ll be able to use either Ultra combo! The downside to this is that the Ultra will do less damage than it normally does.

It uses up Super meter, but can absorb multiple attacks. Since it uses meter you’ll have to put some careful thought into how you use it. As the name implies you can distinguish it by its red glow. Just like the regular Focus Attack, the Red Focus Attack can also be dash canceled.

Our vision is that Dual Ultra Combos will give you more offensive options, while the Red Focus Attack will give you more defensive options.

Check out the trailer below:

Read more at Capcom-Unity and Eventhubs

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kukuteku said...

No me gusta el Red Focus Attack
I dont Like the Rd Focus Attack

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