Friday, November 29, 2013

Yubiken - Nov 28, 2013; FT10 challengers - Michael Tan & Juso

From the previous episode of Yubiken, some SSFIV:AE v2012 games had been setup for Michael Tan, who had successfully advanced into final league in Topanga League 3, and Juso who played some outstanding games in Capcom Cup TGS 2013 tournament. We will see some First-to 10 games here battling against Yubiken players.

Check out the video uploaded on Yubiken Youtube channel below

JaycetheAce (C. Viper) vs. Michael Tan (Ken)

Shin (Juri) vs. Juso (Sakura)

Result below (SPOILER!!!):

JaycetheAce (C. Viper) [1 - 10] Michael Tan (Ken)

Shin (Juri) [7 - 10] Juso (Sakura)

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