Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cooperation Cup Vol. 12 - SFIII: 3rd Strike 5on5 Team Battle tournament

One of the top Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike events in Japan, the Cooperation Cup Vol. 12 was announced in Nov 2013, the 5 on 5 team battle tournament is set on Jan 12, 2014 (correction) in Tokyo Leisureland.

In the recent update, a huge list of players are revealed and many veteran SFIII: 3rd Strike players are seen in the list such as MOV, Mester, Nuki, Kokujin, Kuroda, Umezono, Rikimaru, Chusoku zessho TKD, Massa, as well as from the past Cooperation Cups champion teams Roshihikari, Koushun, Yusuke will return to this round again, but they are with different teammates.

Full player list for Cooperation Cup Vol. 12 can be found at this link.

There's also a Pre-Cooperation Cup set on a day before the main event which is Jan 11, 2014. The format for the Pre-Cooperation Cup is also a 5 on 5 team tournament, but interesting part is every player in a team will only use one character. Nuki, MOV, and Rikimaru will have a Chun Li but only 3 players team in this competition.

Full player list for Pre-Cooperation Cup Vol. 12 can be found at this link.

The events will stream on Nico Nico, check out Cooperation Cup site for more coming updates.

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