Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Luffy talks about USFIV, Mago matches, ESGN Fight Night; by Eventhubs interview

Innterview with Luffy done by Eventhubs covers his thoughts on Rose's changes in Ultra Street Fighter 4, ESGN Fight Night Season 1 (Tokido also competed in this event), his game plans on Mago and Fei Long, and more.

Check out some summaries below:

- Mago's Fei Long match-up

I'm really confident against Fei Long because back in the earlier days of Street Fighter 4, in France, you had the players Evans and Starnab who both played Fei Long at a really high level. So basically, if you live in France and can't play against Fei Long, you won't be able to win a tournament. I had to put a lot of work into this matchup.

As for Mago, I've been beating him a lot because my gameplan works really well against his gameplan, actually. He uses a lot of focus attacks, and his Rekka spacing isn't that great, so I can punish a lot of his Rekkas. Because of that, he doesn't really use Rekkas anymore in our matchups, and he'll start trying to walk in, he'll start trying to Focus Attack, but when I know that, I'll just throw out a Soul Spiral to break the focus, or dash in and throw him while he's focusing.

I know that he doesn't like Rose, but he doesn't really have any strong Rose players to train with, so I think that's why he struggles when playing against me.

Note: Luffy also beaten Fuudo's Fei Long in World Game Cup 2012 (named Louffy)

- Regarding Rose's changes in USFIV -

In Ultra Street Fighter 4, I will be sticking with Rose, since she's been my main for 5 years now. She's gotten some changes, and also, the game mechanic changes with delayed wakeup will help her in the vortex matchups and matchups where there are ambiguous crossup setups.

Regarding the change to EX Spiral, making it throwable, I'm really against it. I think that now, people will just walk up and grab, and not take any risk by doing so. Knowing that, they will play more with frame traps and stuff like that, because they know that I won't be doing EX Spiral like I do now. I really hope that they'll revert this change.

As for the added recovery frames on Ultra 2, I don't think that it's a major change, I actually don't think it'll change anything at all. Because whenever you active Ultra 2, you're fullscreen, or at least pretty far away from your opponent, so they won't really be able to punish you for it. Maybe doing a combo, FADC, Ultra 2 won't work. We'll see if it still works in combos.

- ESGN Fight Night -

The ESGN event was very, very good when I went, during the first season. It was still the first edition, so there were some things for them to change, to make it better, which we've seen in Season 2 and 3 where it's more organized. The first round was very good, though, because the people there were really nice, and made sure to accomodate everyone.

The thing is that ESGN invites many players from the whole world, giving them the chance to play against eachother. For example, I've never played against K-Brad, and maybe this will be a good chance for me to play against him. I think it's really nice for the community, and the level of play is really good. I hope it will grow a lot in the future.

Read the complete interview at Eventhubs.

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