Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Nuki talks about Daigo Umehara & Sako past; "A REAL talent is coming into the scene"

[Note: Old video] Here's some interesting video from Versus-Live channel in the past, featuring Nuki and with the stories of the Japanese FTG gods early in the FGC scene. In this video Nuki talks about when he knew Daigo, how Daigo returns to the FGC scene after SBO 2005, what's happened in the "Sako's invasion", and some stories related to Tokido and Haitani. Subtitles added by Cccloner999 and uploaded in year 2010.

Nuki also mentions he's the only one know this "behind the scene" regarding Daigo. Be sure check out these video if you would like to know about the early Japanese FCG scene. Make sure turn the Caption ON (bottom of the video player) to read the subtitles.

Previously Nuki returns to SFIV series and switched back to Chun-Li from Seth, he also stream quite a lot of gameplay online. One recent event was FT7 vs. Karipaku event.

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