Wednesday, April 23, 2014

USFIV - Ayano says Hugo vs. Dhalsim it's not that bad matchup

Previously it's revealed a match of a top Dhalsim player YHC-Mochi vs. a Hugo player from the Japanese arcade and it was completely owned by Dhalsim. Assistant producer of USFIV Ayano post a list of known bugs in his blog yesterday, while he also mentions about the Hugo vs. Dhalsim matchup.

Translation below done by Beastnote:
- He said Hugo has high strength and vitality.
- Hugo's moves such as crMP and Giant Palm Bomber can do favorable trade to Dhalsim's MK (hitbox and damage-wise).
- He pointed out that Hugo's standing HP has armor property. It can be used to fight projectile and jump-in attack.
- He said the game just came out so there're still many things to learn.

Here's the known bug list:
- Guy's EX Bushin Senpu Kyaku doesn't consume EX gauge after KO'ing opponent in some case.
- Characters in the background of Blast Furnace stage don't move in some case.
- Unable to register My Shop at the mobile site.

UltraDavid also talked about this matchup in a video.

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