Sunday, May 25, 2014

Railway Cup 1 - Featuring KokuNuki Kingdom Returns

Tournament result for Railway Cup 1 Ultra Street Fighter IV 3 on 3 event at Tokyo Leisure Land Akihabara, held on May 24, 2014. There are 16 teams participated. This event's stream is provided by KokuNuki channel.

Notable players: Nuki, Kokujin, Eita, Itazan (he plays T. Hawk instead of Zangief), Dogura (he's renamed as Ikoma Devil), Nekojita, Frieda, Yousan and more!

Replay: Semi Final 1 | Semi Final 2 | Grand Final

Result below:

1st place
- Frieda (Rolento)
- Itazan (T. Hawk)
- Nekojita (Abel)

2nd place
- Nuki (Chun-Li)
- Yossan (Juri)
- Dogura (Rolento)

3rd place
- Iori (El-Fuerte)
- Kotsuko (El-Fuerte)
- Hakagi (Blanka)

3rd place
- babynine (Guile)
- Oyamadakun (Guy)
- Masuo (Elena)


Grand Finals

Frieda (Rolento) beats Nuki (Chun-Li)
Frieda (Rolento) loses to Dogura (Rolento)
Itazan (T. Hawk) beats Dogura (Rolento)
Itazan (T. Hawk) loses to Yossan (Juri)
Nekojita (Abel) beats Yossan (Juri)

Semi Final 1

Nuki (Chun-Li) beats Iori (El-Fuerte)
Nuki (Chun-Li) beats Hakagi (Blanka)
Nuki (Chun-Li) loses to Kotsuko (El-Fuerte)
Dogura (Rolento) beats Kotsuko (El-Fuerte) *correction

Semi Final 2

Frieda (Rolento) beats Oyamadakun (Guy)
Frieda (Rolento) beats Masuo (Elena)
Frieda (Rolento) beats babynine (Guile)

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