Monday, June 02, 2014

USFIV Update Special! -Fists Meet Rain Night!- Gameplay footage ft. Daigo Umehara & Momochi

Ultra Street Fighter IV Update Special! -Fists Meet Rain Night!- event on Jun 1, 2014, featuring pro gamer MCZ Daigo Umehara and EG Momochi that will play several matches with their main, sub, and new characters, Decapre will be included in the exhibition matches as well. Stream hosted at Nico Live here.

MC - Nuki
Commentary - R
Pro Gamer - Daigo Umehara, Momochi
Gravure Idol - Yuka Kuramochi
USFIV Producers - Ayano, Sugiyama
Taito - Nishimura
Ultra 4 Women's Club - Mihashi

Check out some USFIV actions below:

Daigo Umehara (Guile) vs. Momochi (Decapre)

Yuka (Blanka) vs. Ayano (Decapre)

Daigo Umehara (Hugo, Evil Ryu, Yun, Ryu)
Momochi (Sagat, DeeJay, Yun, Juri, Ken)

Daigo Umehara (Hugo, Evil Ryu)
Momochi (Decapre, DeeJay, Cody)

Daigo Umehara (Evil Ryu) vs. Nuki (Chun-Li)

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