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Pre-EVO 2014 Roundtable Discussion: Daigo, Tokido, Bonchan, Kazunoko, Momochi, Itazan

6 top Japanese fighting games players - Daigo Umehara, Tokido, Bonchan, Kazunoko, Momochi, Itazan (Itabashi Zangief) discussion focuses on the main event of Evolution 2014 - Ultra Street Fighter IV by 4Gamer.net. They talk about new characters, new system, international players, tournament, and other topics.


Tokido: Because of USF4's mechanics Akuma has been severely weakened. I've always wanted see how much I could win by taking a mid level character and exploring the limits of the character's potential through hard work.

Bonchan: Well I've persevered with Sagat ever since vanilla SF4. However, today I want to loudly proclaim, "USF4 Sagat is super weak!"

Momochi: If they were to rebalance Hugo, instead of giving him more options to deal with fireballs, it would be far more interesting to power up his close range game. Zangief and Hawk already have many options to deal with fireballs, so I would like Hugo to have a different character design concept. It would be perfectly fine to make Hugo's butt splash overhead (crouching heavy kick) 200 damage.

Daigo: Yun, Fei-Long, Cammy rounding out my top 3. Who's stronger between Fei and Cammy? I would say Cammy because she can fight against Yun.

Itazan: Fine, then tell us who Yun has difficulty against.

Kazunoko: Bison (Boxer) is a bit troublesome (for Yun).

Daigo: The people that continue playing Ryu till this day probably just don't know how fun it is to use Evil Ryu.

Do Characters Used By Top Players Get Punish?

Daigo: I personally feel that fighting games should not change the strength of characters so frequently as it does not match the genre. Actually, I always think this whenever a fighting game gets balanced. Ultimately, the characters used by top players always get punished.

In USF4, I can't help but think that Sagat and Akuma got nerfed because of these guys (points finger at Tokido and Bonchan). Conversely, Cammy and Fei-Long escaped the nerf bat because no one really showcased their strengths in public. Is this not equivalent to punishing the hard work of top players?

Tokido: If Xian hadn't used Gen, there's a chance that he would have never gotten nerfed. (laughs)

The Significance of Tournament Play

Tokido: I believe that I should not only display my fighting style on the surface level, but spend more time to create deeper strategies. In this way, I can establish a fighting style entirely unique to me, and I will eventually win in the long run. That's why this year I'm going to focus solely on King of Fighters 13 and USF4.

Itazan: That's the heart of the matter for me. Every tournament has a different concept and if I can find value in that concept, then I'll always enter tournaments.

Momochi: Well if there was a worldwide USF4 tournament for 100 million yen I would probably use Yun. If I say this maybe it will kill the entire discussion, but fighting games has yet to reach that value of pure competition.

Tokido: You're right. If there was a tournament for 100 million yen, even Itabashi Zangief would use Yun too, right?

Itazan: For 100 million yen I would bring out a serious Yun!

Daigo: I would predict all of you to use Yun and use boxer myself to counter pick.

Tokido: Yeah you would have to definitely prepare a boxer beforehand.

Momochi: Even if you won Evo, the prize purse would only be 1 million to 2 million yen. If we interpreted it pessimistically, one could say that the scene has only achieved that level of recognition (measured monetarily). That's why you have to show some value other than just winning.

Tokido: If you create a fun product, it will attract more attention. With increased attention, the positive potential for these games may increase.

Name players that you simply do not want to face

Bonchan - Xiao Hai
Tokido - Xiao Hai
Itazan - Dieminion, other Guile players
Momochi - Xian, Infiltration
Daigo - Justin Wong, Ricky, PR Balrog
Kazunoko - PR Balrog

Check out the full interview at 4Gamer here.

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