Monday, August 25, 2014

Mix Up Night #20 - the first USFIV Edition Select tournament; Haitani, Uryo, KojiKOG, Dogura, CANTONA, and more!

Mix Up Night #20 was held on 23th of Aug 2014 at 10:30 PM JST (GMT +9), located at Maid Cafe CCOcha in Osaka. This round Mix Up Night holds an Ultra Street Fighter IV and also Edition Select tournament (Most readers voted Edition Select should not be tournament standard from Eventhubs poll).

Some notable players participate in this event are Haitani (only enter ES tournament), Uryo, KojiKOG, CANTONA, Dogura, Noriyasu, Kindo and more!

You can watch the over 6 hours replay below, results after the video:

Results (SPOILER): Ultra Street Fighter IV 1. KoujiKOG (T. Hawk) 2. Uryo (Decapre) 3. Noriyasu (Dhalsim) 4. Inbe (Guy) 5. Kindo (Fei Long, Elena) 5. Furikuri (Rufus) 7. Rookin (Adon) 7. Shioda (Sagat) Bracket ---------- Ultra Street Fighter IV - ES 1. CANTONA (USFIV Zangief, Vanilla Zangief) 2. Haitani (AE Yun) 3. Uryo (Vanilla Sagat, 2012 Sakura, Vanilla Akuma, USFIV Chun-Li, others) 4. KoujiKOG (Vanilla Zangief, USFIV T. Hawk) 5. Rookin (SSFIV Adon, Vanilla Sagat, AE Yun) 5. Shioda (Vanilla Sagat) 7. Inbe (Vanilla Sagat, Vanilla Akuma, others) 7. Kindo (Vanilla Sagat, others) Bracket

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