Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shungoku Neurosis is back! Ultra Street Fighter IV stream at Tokyo-Sou; vs Hanamaruki, Kayane, and more!

After last year the tournament at Shadowloo Showdown 2013, Neurosis almost never shows up on any FGC event even in Japan, until recently Ultra Street Fighter IV release for Japanese console, Neurosis made an appearance on TokyO-Sou stream at Nico Live. He's still using his main character Dictator/M. Bison. According to Shadowloo Showdown trailer, Neurosis will once again enter this year tournament.

Picture from Shadowlogic FB.

Check out some replay of Neurosis last week at TokyO-Sou:

Hanamaruki (Sagat) vs. Shungoku Neurosis (Dictator)

Shungoku Neurosis (Dictator) vs. Kayane (Chun-Li)

Shungoku Neurosis (Dictator) Endless Battle match

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