Monday, September 08, 2014

Topanga League 4 finalists and date revealed

Topanga League 4 - B League new update was revealed through the online qualifier held on Sep 6, 2014. The B League will start on Sep 25 until Oct 25. Check out players PV here.

B League players
- Mago
- Tokido
- YHC-Mochi
- KojiKOG
- Sako
- Nemo *#1 Rolento on BP ranking
- Itabashi Zangief
- Ninomae *Japan's #1 Rose on BP ranking
- Katakana de Aoki
- EX Pugera
- Ooitajin
- Akutagawa *#1 Dudley on BP ranking
- Santarou
- Sasaki *winner of online qualifier also *#1 Cody on BP ranking
- Yossan *winner of online qualifier

Players finished on top will enter or play qualifying match to join the A League.

A League players (unofficial):
- Bonchan
- Momochi
- Kazunoko
- Daigo Umehara
- Michael Tan
- Uryo
- Fuudo
- Dashio

NOTE: Wao (2nd place in Topanga League 3) will not play in this season.

Check out Topanga League 4 trailer below:

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André Vila Franca said...

It's unfortunate Reiketsu didn't enter this competition..

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