Friday, December 05, 2014

Angry TV - Dec 4, 2014; Poongko vs. Santarou (Poison), Mago (Yang/Oni), tries out Sako Special

Yesterday Poongko streams his Ultra Street Fighter IV gameplay for nearly 6 hours. This round he's up with a series of matches against Santarou's new character Poison (was Sagat), and the Mago (Yang & Oni). He also tried out the Evil Ryu combo that's specific on Rufus.

Check out the full replay below:

~0:50:00 vs Santarou, he even kick out the other player just wanted to fight Santarou
~4:05:00 training room trying Sako's Evil Ryu combo
~4:39:00 vs Mago Yang, then Oni (Ranked Match)

Twitch TV is no longer stored stream archives forever, this archive will be delete after 2 months.

Source from Poongko's channel here

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