Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"There's no better Evil Ryu than Daigo's"; Sako talks about Topanga League 4

Interview with Hori Sako that was published on Famitsu on Dec 22, 2014. The interview talked about Sako's experience, and some players he faced in Topanga League 4 ended on Dec 7.

Sako also mentions that might change his main character in the future, and he also plans to play Guilty Gear Xrd.

Check out the translation from Beastnote.

- Bonchan has trained with Pugera who has better Ibuki.
- Sako researches by looking at the videos that his opponents lost.

- He thinks Viper will do better than Chun-Li against Elena, and Uryo's Viper is scary.
- They both live in Osaka but since Sako doesn't go to the arcades they rarely see each other.

Michael Tan
- He thinks it's in Elena's favor.
- "If you watch out for kara-throw and fMK, all Ken has left is Hadoken in that range."
- Dealing with Hadoken and Healing are the keys.
- Sako thinks it's good to see a young player like Michael (23 years old) compete with the men in 30s.
- "This old man isn't done yet!" is also an inspiration when fighting young players. (laugh)
- "If there's a SF2X player who can compete at highest level at 40, I can do it, too." (laugh)

- "I lost in the mind game, then I lost the game itself."
- "At the beginning, I won because I made Momochi play my game."
- In the second half, Momochi played extremely defensive, so Sako went in and got countered.
- He says he completely lost confidence when Healing didn't help (gain life lead). He was too afraid of getting countered so he wasn't sure what to do, being aggressive or defensive.
- (His wife asks "Do you think you're mentally strong or weak?") Sako thinks he's mentally weak as seen in Momochi match. He thinks he should give himself more time between a match instead of eagerly continue which is a bad habit.

Daigo Umehara
- "[Umehara] was too strong [to the point that] I laughed during the match." (laugh)
- "[Umehara's] fending and the way he uses hop kick and crMK>Hadoken was amazing."
- "All I can say is he was great! I completely lost!" (laugh)
- (When pointed out that Sako used to use Evil Ryu) "I think there's no better Evil Ryu than [Umehara's]"
- "Umehara's Evil Ryu should be illegal." (laugh)
- (His wife asks "What if you use Evil Ryu, too?") Sako thinks if he uses Evil Ryu the score may change, but outcome will be the same. "Sadly, I don't feel like winning (Umehara)."
- "I will train hard to close the gap." (between himself and Umehara)
- "Fighting game becomes fun when you get to fight Umehara."

Original article, translate by Beastnote.

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