Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Topanga League 4 highlight & recap

Topanga League 4 results:
- B League final standings
- A League Qualification
- A League final standings

- Full replay for this tournament is available until Jan 12, 2015. Ticket info here.
(1 nico pts = 1 yen).

- Daigo sets new record in A League online rounds with Win:10 Lose:1, the highest record was Wao and Haitani with Win:9 Lose:2.

- Wao and Haitani did not participate in this season.

- Players with same score will their determine ranking by head-to-head result, if that couldn't determine will go to GD score (Game Differential). So Sako is ranked No. 3 with better GD score although Bonchan beat him since Uryo beat Bonchan and Sako beat Uryo.

- New characters
The "low-tier" characters like Rolento (played by Nemo) and Elena (played by Sako) shown their great potential of winning. Perhaps competitors still not quite understand the match up even some the top players in Topanga League.

- Online matches
Some of the matches seem not stable like showing "waiting for other player" message pop up during the fight especially the games with Santarou, EX Pugera, Sasaki, also occasionally happens in Tokido, Nemo, and others game too.

- Most players registered their sub character, but only Sako and Uryo did pick their subs (Sako Ibuki, Uryo C. Viper).

- Most successful random ultra - Nemo
In the entire A/B League, his done many wake up ultra (Take No Prisoners) that did work and some times used it for anti-air as well.

- Actually there's lot of good players entered the B League qualifier, you can check out their name in the end of this video. Notable players: Pepeday, Shiro, Juso, MDR, Sekiganryu, Cojiro, Inco, Fenrir, Pikagoma, Hameo, Jeppa, Lepus, Tsuna, Uriajjo, Kindo, and many more.

Topanga Co. official site.

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