Friday, December 12, 2014

Umehara: Fighting Gamers! Coming in this month

New Daigo's comic Umehara: Fighting Gamers! chapter 1 is set to be released on Dec 26, 2014. And a promotion video is posted today.

Some quotes from the video (translation from Beastnote)
- "Related videos - 100 million views"
- "Pocketbook - Amazon's best selling e-book of 2013"
- "Japan's first pro fighting gamer"
- "God of Fighting Game World - Daigo Umehara"
- "Fighting game legend turn into comic"
- "Takes place in 1990 - Tokyo's game centers"
- "At that time, Umehara was definitely the one I didn't want to lose." (Nuki)
- "Thanks to that era, I'm now a pro gamer." (Umehara)

You can import the book from Amazon Japan or you can try ask from Kinokuniya since they have the old Daigo's books and Tokido's book as well.

Check out the promotion video below:

Source from Kadokawa Anime channel via Beastnote.

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