Thursday, February 19, 2015

Capcom Cup 2015 - Highest prizes in the FGC history!

As Ono announced in Capcom Cup 2014, this year the Capcom $500,000 cash prizes in the entire series of Capcom Pro Tour and Capcom Cup.

There will be 16 Premier events and the top 15 players on the ranking leaderboard will earn a spot in the Capcom Cup. The last Capcom Cup 2015 spot has already been given to defending champion, EG.Momochi. You can find the Capcom Pro Tour event schedule at this link.

Capcom Cup 2015 Prizes:

- 1st Place: $120,000 (~14mil. yen)
- 2nd Place: $60,000
- 3rd Place: $25,000
- 4th Place: $15,000
- 5-6th Place: $10,000 (each)
- 7-8th Place: $5,000 (each)

And also each of the 16 Premier events will have a $15,000 prize pot and EVO will have a $50,000 pot bonus. All tournament will run 2/3 sets until the top 8, which will be 3/5.

Sources from Capcom Pro Tour, Eventhubs.

IMO: Last year, Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals actually looks to be more "Grander" than the Capcom Cup, because the format was like Topanga League, all players get to play with everyone, it not just determines player's strength deeper but also has more entertaining matches.

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