Friday, February 06, 2015

Red Bull Kumite 2015; Tokido & Mago are invited!

International fighting game competition - Red Bull Kumite will take place in Paris, on Mar 28 2015. The 16 players competition featuring 14 special guests invited by the organizer, and 2 players from the qualifier tournament that will take place the same day, this tournament is limited to 128 participants with no country limitation (worldwide access).

Salle Wagram, 39 Avenue de Wagram, 75017 Paris, France

It's revealed that Team Mad Catz's Tokido and Mago will be attending the competition from special invitation from Red Bull yesterday in Topanga TV. So far the players confirmed in this competition also included the EVO Champions - Xian and Luffy.

Check out the official sources for future updates here:
Red Bull Kumite FB, Official site.

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